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Nebraska F Class

Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

Nebraska F Class Rifle Clinic

Each year, volunteers at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club put on a clinic for F Class shooters. Please direct any clinic questions to Herb McClannan ([email protected]).

Regardless of your skill as a shooter, we recommend a look through the F Class Primerto help get oriented. Attendance at the clinic is not required to shoot matches at ENGC, but it can be helpful if you are new to shooting at 600 yards.

Additionally, Herb interviewed Mike Bergmann, who happens to be one of the best Open Class shooters to frequent our matches. While his way is not the only way to succeed in F Class, he was kind enough to share some of his methods. You can read the summary here. Note that Mike has some pretty nice equipment and some special skills that are not necessary to compete at a high level of F Class. But it's illustrative nonetheless.