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Nebraska F Class

Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

2016 Championship Match Photos

The 2016 Nebraska State F Class Championship had a full slate of competitors and some great scores were shot. Stay tuned for information on the 2017 Championship match, which is looking to be bigger and better!

2016 Nebraska F Class Sponsors

The matches at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club are in part made possible by our industry sponsors. This year, quite a few stepped up to provide significant prizes for the Mid Range F Class Nebraska State Championship. Thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors, we had a great prize table without using match fees to pay for it. We would like to thank them, and we encourage you to check out their products and services. Support those who support the shooting sports! If you would like to sponsor Nebraska F Class, please contact Brandon Pfeifer at [email protected].

2016 State Championship Prizes

Nightforce Optics

50% Off Competition Scope (2)

Bighorn Arms

Free Action

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

$800 Gift Certificate

PROOF Research

Stainless Steel Barrel (2)

Krieger Barrels

Barrel (2)

Stiller's Precision Firearms

50% Off an Action

Defiance Machine

50% Off an Action

Sierra Bullets

$250 Gift Certificate (2)

88 Tactical

Gift Certificate for Handgun Class (2)

Forster Products

50% Off Coupon

Redding Reloading

50% Off Coupon (max $150) (2)

Bison Ballistics

200 Lapua .308 Winchester cases, Soft Rifle Case

Berger Bullets

100-round Boxes of Bullets (3), Reloading Manual (2)

Sinclair International

F Class Bipod

Bartlein Barrels

50% Off a Barrel

Brux Barrels

50% Off a Barrel


$100 Gift Card


Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit


Range bag, Soft pistol case, Self-healing target, Vintage tin


Hat (10), Coffee mug (4), Duffle Bag, Backpack


$25 Gift Card

Creedmoor Sports

$25 Gift Certificate